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161. Power steering install 2

E:2023.05.27 / W:2023.05.20

160. Pipe covers update

Entry:2023.05.14 / Work:2023.05.13

Replacing the sponge cover that was covering the pipe on the folding base for the storage boxes because the surface of the sponge cover was losing its elasticity and becoming hard and ragged. This was built in 2015, so eight years have passed.

This time, I used the smooth surface type and set it up through one long piece.

After about 3 weeks, the area around the curve began to tear, so I repurchased the same type of material as before and set it up again. Although it feels a little thin, let it go at this.

Pipe cover update 09

Next, I selected a sponge-like material similar to the used previously.

Pipe cover update 08

The outside of the curve was cracking and tearing within a few weeks.

Pipe cover update 07

It looked good, but...

Pipe cover update 06

It was a good set up.

Pipe cover update 05

In this case, we will use a sponge cover with a smooth surface.

Pipe cover update 04

A stainless steel pipe with an outside diameter exactly matching the inside diameter of the pipe is placed inside to connect the top and bottom.

Pipe cover update 03

Pulling the sponge cushion to one side reveals the screws connecting the upper and lower pipes.

Pipe cover update 02

The surface of the sponge was hard and crumbly to the touch.

Pipe cover update 01

The bottom of the RV box is fraying and creasing where the bottom of the box rides.

159. Ohira-mountain VW Camp 2023 Spring

E:2023.04.28 / W:2023.04.23←22

158. Side mirror update

E:2023.04.01 / W:2023.03.19

157. Rear window curtain belt

E:2023.02.12 / W:2023.02.12

156. Western Japan Road Trip

E:2022.11.12 / W:2022.11.04←10.30

155. Blazecut

E:2022.10.11 / W:2022.10.10

154. Fuel sending unit

E:2022.10.10 / W:2022.10.09←01

153. In/Out thermometer with an original base

E:2022.08.12 / W:2022.08.10

152. Ohira-mountain VW Camp 2022

E:2022.05.28 / W:2022.05.22←21

151. 3rd Flat (4) night cruise

E:2021.11.14 / W:2021.21.13

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