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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン ボルボ S60 アイコン


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104. Rebound stopper replacement

E:2024.03.30 / W:2024.03.24

103. LED ring multi-reflector headlights

Entry:2024.03.10 / Work:2024.03.09

Commercially available LED ring projectors look good, but they lacked brightness compared to the multi-reflector shell + LED bulb combination I used before. And erhaps because it was a color change specification (RGB emission), there was a flicker when adjusting the light intensity in conjunction with the position, so I had returned it to its original state at the time of vehicle inspection.

However, the LED ring daytime running lights were appealing, so I tracked down suitable LED tube lights. I found the right length and shape, so I pushed it through the hole behind the headlight, ran it along the outer circumference, and pulled out the electrical wiring through the hole I drilled at the top.

It fit perfectly, had good illumination, and didn't flicker when dimmed. Now I achieved the desired brightness and ring-shaped daytime running lights.

LED ring multi-reflector headlights 08

This is an LED light in a silicone tube that I found.

LED ring multi-reflector headlights 07

Drill a hole in the top edge of the headlight shell.

LED ring multi-reflector headlights 06

Insert the tube into the light bulb hole.

LED ring multi-reflector headlights 05

I pasted a round sticker on the front to hide the tube connection.

LED ring multi-reflector headlights 04

Lighting test. The back of the tube also emits light, so it's reflective and bright!

LED ring multi-reflector headlights 03

Installation completed. I think it looks much better.

LED ring multi-reflector headlights 02

Position light-linked dimming is also working correctly.

LED ring multi-reflector headlights 01

This is the position-light-linked dimming unit that I made earlier, and it is included together with the timer relay for converting the side turn signal position light.

102. Damper mount cap repair & custom

E:2024.02.19 / W:2024.02.17←12

101. Drive to Tokyo and Yokohama 202311

E:2023.11.25 / W:2023.11.24

100. 80 Meeting 2023 @ Fuji

E:2023.11.04 / W:2023.11.03

99. Mobile phone holder base

E:2023.10.09 / W:2023.10.09←09.18

98. Mobility Resort Motegi Meeting 2023

E:2023.10.09 / W:2023.10.07

97. Vehicle inspection 2

E:2023.09.16 / W:2023.09.15

96. PGM-FI error

E:2023.07.30 / W:2023.07.30

95. Evaporator condition check

E:2023.07.08 / W:2023.07.08

94. Bumper Cover Protector (remake)

E:2023.06.18 / W:2023.06.11

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